Top Rated Highest Potency Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement from Iceland

See ALL the Amazing Health Benefits
of Icelandic Fourmula Quadruple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil

Heart Health

  • ► Superior cardiovascular health*
  • ► Reduction of blood platelet "stickiness"*
  • ► Reduction of blood pressure levels*
  • ► Healthy cholesterol levels*
  • ► Lowers triglyceride levels*
  • ► Superior circulatory system function*
  • * Individual results will vary.

General Health

  • ► Strengthens immune system function*
  • ► Regulates bloods sugar & insulin levels*
  • ► Helps to control diabetes*
  • ► Aids in digestive system function*
  • ► Aids in intestinal health and controls constipation, IBS, hemorrhoids, Crohn's & diverticular disorders*
  • ► Enhances mother's & child's health during pregnancy & breast feeding*
  • ► May help with existing allergies*
  • * Individual results will vary.

Joint Health

  • ► Enhanced joint function*
  • ► Relief from chronic inflammation*
  • ► Reduction of joint aches*
  • ► Reduction of joint pains*
  • ► Improved flexibility*
  • ► Improved range of movement*
  • * Individual results will vary.


  • ► Promotes vibrant, youthful skin*
  • ► Promotes strong, healthy hair & nails*
  • ► Aids in weight loss*
  • ► Raises HGH by reducing insulin enabling fat burning*
  • ► Replace saturated fats with weight reducing polyunsaturated fats*
  • ► Improves vision (focus, color, perception and clarity of vision)*
  • ► Recommended by opthamologist for macular degeneration*
  • * Individual results will vary.

Brain Health

  • ► Healthy brain and memory function*
  • ► Improved concentration and memory*
  • ► Brain development (especially in fetuses, newborns & children)*
  • * Individual results will vary.


People Just Like You Who Have Experienced the
Amazing Health Benefits of Icelandic Fourmula!


I've done research and we now need 4 times the amount of Omega-3 previously suggested and Icelandic Fourmula provides that in a simple and easy way. I also worry about toxins in Omega-3s from store bought products. That really does concern me and it's a big factor in what product I choose, that's why I chose Icelandic Fourmula. If I am spending money for a healthy product I want to make sure there is nothing that can harm me or just not have any affect.*
* Individual results will vary.


Icelandic Fourmula is definitely a gift from god. Since I began using Icelandic Fourmula people at my church have noticed how energetic I am. I have also noticed a difference in my focus especially when reading. Icelandic Fourmula is the perfect health secret.*
* Individual results will vary.


I would strongly recommend you try Icelandic Fourmula. If you have the same results as me, you will be living with more mental acuity and a less aches. The potency of Icelandic Fourmula is the best. I don't have to take as much to get a high dosage compared to other brands. Do you really want to take 6 or 8 pills because you get them at a warehouse club? The solution to my problem is more Icelandic Fourmula and a few less visits to the physician.*
* Individual results will vary.


I'm taking Icelandic Fourmula Omega-3 because I want to keep my heart healthy, keep my head clear and my joints active. I've been taking Icelandic Fourmula to keep me going... Icelandic Fourmula keeps me going and it keeps me active!*
* Individual results will vary.


When I compared labels I saw that Icelandic Fourmula is very conscientious when catching fish. That is important because I don't want to endanger a species to save myself. My experience with cheap store brands is they didn't really take effect. With Icelandic Fourmula, it has 4 times the Omega-3 and I felt results the first week. My hips used to feel very sore and tender, almost locked. Now they feel a lot more flexible since taking Icelandic Fourmula.*
* Individual results will vary.


I have seen a huge difference in my energy level since I started using Icelandic Fourmula. I compared Icelandic Fourmula label to store brands and there is a big difference in the potency. For me Icelandic Fourmula is the fountain youth. It has greatly improved my concentration. I am no longer saying “What was that guy’s name?”.*
* Individual results will vary.


I've tried other Omega-3 formulas and haven't felt anything. With Icelandic Fourmula I felt the difference in the first week. My concentration has definitely increased. When I am at my computer, I can remember what I need to do. Before I was dealing with menopause and had trouble remembering things but that's no longer the case with Icelandic Fourmula.*
* Individual results will vary.


I started taking Icelandic Fourmula Omega-3 and noticed immediately that the pain in my right knee was gone.*
* Individual results will vary.

Join the THOUSANDS Who Have Experienced
Amazing Health Benefits Thanks to Icelandic Fourmula!

ALL Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements
Are NOT Created Equal!

Icelandic Fourmula VS Other Omega-3s

ALWAYS choose an Omega-3 Supplement that:

  • ► Delivers the most EPA, DHA and TOTAL OMEGA-3 Per Serving
  • ► Provides at least 3000mg per serving to support YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE
  • ► Is QUADRUPLE STRENGTH and delivers FOUR TIMES the health benefits
  • ► Gives you MORE for LESS (1-3 gel caps per serving, not 8-10)
  • ► Uses ONLY Premium and lab-tested pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • ►Contains CLEAN, PURE Omega-3 Fish Oil from Iceland the country that practically invented the stuff!

The Choice is Easy...
Icelandic Fourmula Omega-3 Fish Oil

Active People Need Even More Omega-3...
3000mg of Omega-3 per Day in Fact!

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH):
The DOSAGE Necessary for the FULL BENEFITS of Omega-3
has GONE UP up from 1000mg to 3000mg Per Day.
National Institutes of Health Omega-3 Fish Oil Dosages Recommendation Chart
Health Condition NIH Omega-3 Suggested Serving
For high triglycerides Up to 4 grams/day of fish oil
For high blood pressure Either 4 grams of fish oil or fish oil providing 2.04 grams of EPA and 1.4 grams of DHA per day
For reducing the overall risk of death and risk of sudden death Fish oil providing up 6 grams of EPA with 3.7 grams of DHA
Prevent and reverse progression of hardening of the arteries 6 grams/day of fish oil for the first three months; followed by 3 grams/day thereafter
To reduce and prevent long-term continuous rise in blood pressure 4 grams/day of fish oil (45% EPA and 38% DHA)
For high triglycerides and cholesterol Fish oil with EPA 1800-2160 mg and DHA 1200-1440
For rheumatoid arthritis Fish oil providing 3.8 grams/day of EPA and 2 grams/day DHA
For preventing miscarriage 5.1 grams fish oil with 1.5 EPA:DHA ratio
For depression (along with anti-depressants) 9.6 grams fish oil per day

The National Institutes of Health recommend ALL ADULTS* get 3000mg of Omega-3 per day to experience the full range of health benefits...

3000mg is the EXACT SERVING provided by Icelandic Fourmula!

*Children under 12 should get 1000mg per day

Source: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database |
National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Last reviewed 04/18/2015

Discover the Icelandic Secret to Optimal Health...
Omega-3 Fish Oil!

The Icelandic People are a Medical Marvel
  • ► They are one of the world’s longest living people
  • ► They out live their US counterparts by nearly five years
  • ► Nearly non-existent are many diseases and serious health conditions
    which plague the US, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure,
    arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke
  • ► World renowned youthful appearance; they have a “fountain of youth”
What’s Their Secret?
  • ► All studies found a common theme: a diet rich in wild-caught fish
  • ► Specifically cold-water fish rich in Omega-3 such as herring, sardines, anchovies and mackerel
The Omega-3 Problem
  • ► Nearly the entire US population is severely deficient Omega-3 intake
  • ► To get the required amount of Omega-3 from your diet, you would need to eat fish everyday (sometimes twice a day!)
  • ► Many of the fish available today contains mercury and other dangerous contaminants
Your Omega-3 Solution: Icelandic Fourmula
  • ► The easy way to get your required daily intake of Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • ► The ONE and ONLY Quadruple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil with 3000mg per serving
  • ► Imported exclusively from the World's Purest Source of Omega-3 Fish Oil

    • Discover the Icelandic Omega 3 Secret...
      Take It Every Day and Feel the Extreme Health Benefits for Yourself!

Purity | Quality | Potency
The Icelandic Omega-3 Promise to YOU


We GUARANTEE the Purest, Highest Quality and Most Potent Omega-3 Fish Oil Available Anywhere and the ONLY One that Provides ALL this:

  • ► Uses ONLY Highest Quality, Purest, Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • ► Imported Exclusively from Cold, Clean, Pristine Icelandic Waters (Purest in the World)
  • Naturally Molecularly Distilled Omega-3 Fish Oil for Purity and Potency
  • ► Manufactured According to FDA Standards and Strict Icelandic Law
  • ► Produced Using ONLY Sustainable Fishing Methods and is Dolphin-Safe
  • ► Lab Tested and Certified 100% Mercury Free Pure Omega-3 by Third Party Laboratory
  • ► Contains NO Low Quality or Low Grade Omega-3 from China or South America
  • ► Omega-3 Production Utilizes 100% Green, Carbon-Neutral Technology
  • ► Formulated for Maximum DHA, EPA and Omega-3 Absorption

Discover the Extreme Health Benefits of Icelandic Fourmula Omega-3 for Yourself!

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